Why should seasonal service work differ from seasonal farm work?

We, in America, have utterly confused the natural flow of our seasonal. What seasonal meant over 100 years ago was primarily farm work and tending to crops when they were ready to be harvested. But now the seasons are interpreted in vastly different ways. We look at tourists as the crop to be harvested from.

This imbalance of being out of touch with nature will doom us all. The poor people are the ones who really need to be the most in touch with seasons. Otherwise, we are left functioning like beggars trying to grab a rich mans teat who is on vacation.

All in all, the service industry is just a short extension from living an agricultural life. However, people are not willing to relent to that fact. They still hold on to the American Dream. No matter how much more distant this dream gets away from us every day, most Americans are still reaching for it. It is now just a fleeting motion we go through simply riding on willpower now.

The Farm Bill is one of the largest funded bills we have. That is where the money is going. People eat every day. So, when you work your service job, you are serving for the people being paid by the Farm Bill. If your service job is seasonal, and you handle food, then you should also be eligible from the Farm Bill insurance as well. These services are not much different from each other.

What service work ends up being is serving livestock and gardens to the people who can pay for it. Service workers are the middle men who can easily and simply get cut out of the economic chain.

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