Coca Cola may have lost the battle in 1900 against using cocaine in its formula

But they had a little more time to prepare the public for their use of HFCS. They learned from their mistakes in not grooming and lobbying politicians enough to prevent cocaine from becoming illegal and largely getting banned.

This is what makes Coke Warren Buffets number 1 stock and explains how he racked up millions in investment dollars. He probably could see the lobbying going on with Coca Cola to get the politicians to turn their ugly heads away from the side effects and addiction problems that come from consuming corn syrup extracts.

We are more likely to blame the addict for their excessive use of HFCS. It’s hilarious to watch the sufferer grow such large inflammation problems in their fat cells even. Coca Cola worked hard to make looking fat be a cool thing to do. We see a lot more fat people on TV with cartoons and shows now. It’s almost like needing to include a mandatory black guy to show some diversity in entertainment.

I would love to have seen what the politicians debated to get cocaine banned from Coca Cola products and effectively made illegal in 1900. Those processes are not being used for HFCS. The politicians will not even consider HFCS as an addictive drug. There is a powerful lobbying group that has been very effective to even prevent the debates against HFCS to receive National Attention. Yet we see half the population suffering from its effects.
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