Manzanita, Oregon may have bad quality air

I have been feeling an unusual dizziness since I arrived. Normally, I blame the bad air. I see there are no warnings about air quality, but still I am concerned. I hate dealing with bad air and the dizziness that occurs from it.

I can give it a little time to see if it will clear. But, usually my senses don’t lie to me. When I suffer this kind of dizziness, it’s more than likely something in the air. I have found this out time and time again upon entering places and leaving them.

I first noticed environmental sensitivity in San Diego. My nausea would not let up and it got even worse in downtown areas. I was physically paralyzed by the dizziness. I didn’t feel comfortable running or bicycling due to potential to trip over something and not recover.

I also noticed dizziness issues in Portland too. This was a terrible time to endure. There is no relief unless you leave the area, which I did and then felt better instantaneously. I can’t describe how bad it feels to enter a dizzy zone, but certainly it seems to strongly be more geography related than my own personal health issues. Why else would I find relief so frequently by simply leaving the area?

I am starting to dread going further south down the Oregon coast. If my dizziness continues and possibly gets worse, I will turn right back around and go back up to Washington where I am generally dizzy-free. There is only one city that I felt dizzy in Washington and that is Coopsville on the Whidby Island. They had the Navy planes also making a lot of noise in the area, and I suspect that pollution could have been part of the problem -not sure. Felt dizzy and that was warning enough for me.

I’m like a canary in a coal mine.

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