A Good Fitness Space Needs to Allow Room to Swing and Bounce

Many gyms discourage swinging and bouncing. You know the real reason they don’t like it is not because they consider it dangerous to yourself. Those kinds of exercises are more dangerous to others passing by. It’s an insurance concern that they prevent swinging and bouncing movements in the gym.

But swinging and bouncing is one of the best ways to get in shape. But it takes a lot of space -something that the gyms tend not have much of. Or at least, creating a big gym to give everyone plenty of room to exercise in would not be very cost effective for the owner. It’s a shame they don’t prioritize fitness goals better.

Instead, we are led to believe that we do have some freedom to move around, but only from one machine to the next. Or from one rack to the next. It’s almost like herding cattle into stalls. They have every right to choose which stall they want, but they still need to get in there.

The types of equipment used for enhancing a swinging and bouncing routine are very different from what the gyms have to offer today. You won’t find climbing ropes, Indian clubs, trampolines, sticks, more ropes, chains or anything of the sort. The exercises that you perform with these things takes up a lot of space, but they are some of the best exercises you can do.

I have injured myself too many times in a gym. Part of my problem was falling into the pattern of routine addiction. I performed the same kinds of exercises repeatedly and that wore aware adversely on my joints. I failed to develop a wider variety in my fitness routine, and that was because of the limited equipment allowed in the gym.

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