Why Should I Get any Service from People Who Make More Money than Me?

Since I can’t contribute to society in a positive way then I refuse to allow people who are serving society to also serve me. I can’t keep up with the pace of the economy for some reason. It seems like people need to be really successful to make any decent money these days. That means no criminal record. No failures. No enemies. Pay your bills on time. Have a good family that supports you. I got nothing and it keeps trying to drown me.

It’s a sad day when I can’t even keep up in this new service economy. I just don’t get it though. Why should I have to worry about the standards of other people so much? I tend not to have very high standards for living and to have to endure someone else with arbitrarily high standards is very annoying. I learned about high standards in the military and that is part of the reason I got out.

I would love to be able to drop out of this terrible service economy and go back to more of an agricultural and homesteader economy. If we can’t manufacture anything more of value, I don’t think that wasting my time trying to service picky people will make life better for anybody. How much pampering does a Burger King burger really need?

You know what keeps us locked in this service economy are the laws set forth by all the city councils across the Nation. They enforce service jobs and discourage agriculture. More than that though are the Farm Subsidies that are strongly in place. The farmers are a very powerful lobbying group and would rather maintain their control. It’s easier for them to encourage the hiring of more low wage service workers to serve the burger than have individuals raise the actual cow.

Encouraging individual businesses that are not in agriculture is for nothing. How many iPhone service techs do we need? How many Call Centers do we really need? The service environment is looking at a Job Bubble in itself. The service industry still needs to be fed actual products. The food, merchandise and everything else still get manufactured elsewhere. The people who create the products are the ones who stand to make the most money.

But that money can be spread out to everybody if we just loosen up the agricultural laws again. The power remains in the hands of the few farmer families left that control what we eat. We can easily take back that control by creating our own food again by hand. What is more rewarding in life? To be able to use our skills in more productive ways than serving the rich who control us with their Farm Subsidies.

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