Many People Desire to Live Like Nomads, but the Laws Prevent the Lifestyle in the US

The US cities across this great Nation have enacted many kinds of Ordinances to put at their local policemans disposal for enforcing laws against wandering around and sleeping as you please. We cannot just jump in our cars and drive where we want to and sleep whereever we feel like. Cops will stop you from doing that. Even though you are not harming anyone, the law enforcement can legally harrass you at the city’s permission.

People  hate and fear the wanderer. There isn’t a worse freeloader on the planet than someone who travels at their leisure. The laws try to turn us into trees that stay put and pay our taxes or produce oxygen, whichever comes first. But I can’t produce oxygen, so my value isn’t very rewarding to other people.

But there is nothing more depressing than being stuck going back to the same place to sleep every day, year after year. I couldn’t believe how depressed I felt after buying a home at age 23. All I thought about was that I bought my grave. Even with the internet and the exciting things I could find on it every day, the home was still too boring and depressing that even technology could not overcome.

live in van

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