What To Do When Car Camping in a New City

I generally prefer to arrive in a new city as early in the morning as possible. i want to have a full day of navigating the area to get familiar with it. I look for potential parking spots and want to have as much energy as possible while looking. Some cities are easier to camp in than others. But you can never figure that out until you get into the city. Google Maps doesn’t tell you much about the safety of the city.

For example, I never expected the Seaside City Police to be so tough on car campers, but they are. I had no trouble sleeping anywhere a long the coast of Washington. But as soon as I got into the Oregon, the stakes have changed. I think they have to deal with more bums and are keener to the signs of bum activity. This makes me have to work a little harder to find a parking place.

Normally, I don’t like to park in the same place for more than 2 days in a row. Unless, the area seems comfortably isolated, I am forced to keep my car floating around. I really hate driving around to make the cops and community happy, but it is a chore I must do to avoid trouble.

I have developed a strange set of new skills that really are not transferable to any job out there. I have to look for places to car camp and places to go to the bathroom quickly. I have to figure out where I am safe to hang around for long periods of time. These are actual skills. But they don’t work very well in the economic environment. I am looking more for ways to save money and not make it. People tend to frown on my activities. People want to see other people make more money, regardless of how much it costs to make them the money. It doesn’t make sense to me. I think saving the money is very important too.

Unfortunately, the laws don’t support saving money. I can’t save on real estate because many cities don’t want to give me a choice to walk out on a deal. If I don’t want to pay $30 to rent a room for a night and decide to sleep in my car instead, they send the cops after me and ticket me for $700 because of car camping laws.

You cannot do anything you want. You are restricted with your own sleep. The government has a firm control of us because they have set up laws on how we can sleep. When a ruler can control your sleeping habits they control your life.

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