Car Camping is a Little More Difficult in the Winter Time

I think that Fred Meyer allows sleeping in their parking lot in certain areas in Warrenton. I saw that on one side of the lot, they have signs which say that my car will get towed if I am an unauthorized parker. This is the same side that is for the main entrance, plus they have parking lines designated for long vehicles and RVs. But on the other side of Fred Meyer, where it appears to be more the back side of the store, there are no signs. i parked in the back side.

I like to think there are certain benefits to having my windows fog up and frost over. For one, I get to enjoy the privacy. For another, I am cold and need to stay well-bundled as much as possible. It’s more of a challenge to not look like a homeless bum while trying to stay bundled warm. I have to constantly adjust clothing in public. Whereas, in the summer, I can just sit in my car and simply fall asleep.

When I walked into Fred Meyer in the morning, I overheard a lady talk about how rough it was in her home because the heater stopped working and she could see her breath.  I didn’t think that was bad at all. In fact, when I had money, I rented a bedroom in Portland over the winter and the guy I shared the place with never once turned on a heater. The winters are not extremely bad in northern Oregon -the summer sun can be unbearable though.

I welcome the winters because there tend to be fewer people out lounging around. I think that the foot traffic is reduced and I can walk around a little bit more without interacting with people. Also, a very noticeable difference is how much sunlight is available during the day. I find myself lurking more in the shadows now. This limits where I walk to. I have yet to buy a flashlight to navigate the darkness. There are many moments when I did have a flashlight, but I just want to avoid spending the money as long as I can still.

I also need to manage my exercise. Too much exercise and I heat up too much and possibly sweat which reduces insulation of my clothing.

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