One of the Biggest Requests that Chat Room Users ask from Famous People? “Say my Name”

It’s like some kind of time stamp for the chatter. There is supposed to be a psychological value that we derive from other people saying our name. We get some kind of endorphin rush from being noticed and called out, especially when it’s from someone who we admire and perceive as famous.

When I watch popular people, such as ones who have over 500 watchers at a time, you see that the messages move too fast to be read. The conversation start to turn into requests. When the chat gets too busy and the fans can’t get noticed, They start to beg for more attention. One of the most primal ways to beg for recognition is just to ask for the popular kid to say your name.

I like the positive requests to be recognized. A lot of people will stoop to trolling the famous person. I have yet to see any famous people who respond to trolls regularly who have more than 500 watchers. The people who respond to trolls tend not to get many watchers because responding in negative ways to negative comments can give off a bad attitude to the rest of the crowd and they are not looking to watch someone who also brings them down emotionally.

Here is a recent video recording on Younow from another famous guy who gets requests by people to just say their name in real time:

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