Does the US Still Need to be the Global Police Force? Why not reactivate coastal defenses?

After walking on the Fort Stevens park, I thought about what it must have been like for the soldiers stationed here. Then, I wondered, what if we scaled back our military and reopened up the old coastal defenses and modernized them.  The only reason that Fort Stevens was shut down was because of World War 2. After we beat back the Japanese, the US decided to station on their island. Fort Stevens no longer became necessary after the Japanese bases, camps and forts were built.

This change occurred in the 1950s and so on. But over 50 years later, it may not be so necessary for US troops to occupy other foreign countries. What positive impact is the US government actually having today? We are a few generations removed from the Great Wars and Japan has been behaving reasonably well. It’s about time the US gets back to focusing on itself as it implodes from the inside out as it overstretches its authority. Didn’t Rome fall apart because it overstepped their boundaries?

It’s clear we spend too much on the military. I bet a lot of that money goes into transporting our own equipment to the other side of the world. But we don’t necessarily need to transport so much to other countries now. Unless the other countries are interested in purchasing equipment from the US, then the US has no business asserting their military goods to other places. We don’t need to intimidate people any more. We need to stabilise our own government.

Russia is said to be one of the most powerful countries in the world. They don’t have a single military base near the US. Instead, Russia has been effectively using spies and gathering important information to make good decisions. The US has been a little too cavalier about it’s involvement in world politics. It’s time to scale back and modernize what we have.


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