I Hate Fat People Because They are Just Like Alcoholics

In fact, if you stick with the current diet that got you fat and try to exercise more, you will do even more damage to your body in the long run. How does a person grow larger yet can’t make use of the excess fat as energy? The answer lies in the difference in how we burn calories.

Humans are not flames. We have no fire in our bodies, although many people want to accuse redheads of having fiery tempers. We don’t use calories through the use of an oven burner. You will find statistics from scientists showing that a certain food burns so many calories. But that measure of energy food is too narrow minded to apply for the human diet. Once again, we don’t burn food up by fire.

The fire doesn’t require vitamins and minerals to burn it. It just burns food. In fact, all it needs is a burn able fuel source like alcohol to burn. When the scientists measure calories they are using some kind of alcoholic Bunsen burner that already has its own fuel source to keep burning. Any food that is burned in the process of measuring calories does not affect the fuel source of the open flame.

However, our bodies do not have an open flame that we can expose food to and then absorb the smoke for energy. We operate a lot differently from the scientific flame of burning calories. We don’t rely on alcohol to burn because we can’t burn. If you do develop a flame anywhere on your body, stop drop and roll immediately.

We require minerals and vitamins to process calories from food. In the past, it was very easy to use the whole foods as vitamins and minerals. But the modernization of processed food has caused a severe surplus of sugar extracts and nutrient starved sources of food. Our bodies suffer.

We know that when a person puts on fat, that their bodies are suffering. Fat is an obvious sign of suffering. Our livers need to work on matching proper nutrients with the sugar that is consumed. When we consume sugar extracts, the liver finds there is a shortage of nutrients to pair up with the added sugar. Quick thinking and communication between the liver and brain bring them to the conclusion that they need to push the excess sugar extracts out of the way and into the fat cells to be dealt with later.

But by the time the sugar reaches the fat cells, it already becomes a much harder and less sophisticated manner in which to burn fat off. You really want to match the sugar with nutrients upon the immediate meal. Eating the sugar extracts first and then trying to rally with nutrients later cause a very poor synch. The timing is very off. Have you ever heard a bad song where the timing doesn’t seem right? That is how nutrition works too.

The body allows for some excesses and shortages between sugar and nutrients, but it can only handle so much of an imbalance before rapid degradation gets worse.

I look at extremely obese people and think that the damage has been done. They have done some permanent damage to their bodies and they cannot reverse it. They went too far with their nutrient imbalances and now have to be more careful than ever in controlling their health.

Obesity is a lack of nutrients characterized by excessive sugar extracts in the diet.

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