Can Making all Bathrooms Gender Neutral Reduce Sexism?

We seemed to have reduced racism by breaking down the barriers of “Separate but equal”. Now we focus more on other issues that are troubling between different groups of people. The issue of bathrooms. How did the humans live before these ultra private bathrooms in public came to be?

Our ancestors didn’t necessarily have bathrooms in the old days. There wasn’t even plumbing before the mid 1850s. So, males and females found themselves using the same means of relieving themselves. Either they found a different spot in the woods, or they chose the hole in the ground. There was a shared sense of community in the process of pooping.

Creating barriers through laws will break down groups of people and cause friction in their suspicions about what the other is doing or thinking. It has gotten so easy to make walls now, both physically and culturally. Can you count the walls in a city? It’s too much to count. There are a lot of separations within a city by design.

The leaders can make more money trying to focus on separating people from each other through barriers. If a group is allowed to develop stronger bonds then they can form their own leaderships to influence politics.

Breaking down the barriers at the very basic level of architectural design can go in a positive direction.


I ask why we created the barrier between a ladies bathroom and mens bathroom in the first place.

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