Glide messaging app can record time and date of murder; Such as when Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, MO

“the video in question was created at 12:02:14 PM CDT on Saturday, August 9th.”

Here is the full news story

Here is Glides blog post:

This looks like a news story that fell through the cracks. Somone, not identified, was making a Glide video message for their friends in the vicinity of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO. Either the video uploader was inspired to make a video because of the scene that was unfolding between Brown and the cop, or they were doing something else. The sound of a gun can travel a long distance. Although, audio on phones can’t pick up a lot of sounds in turn.

This goes beyond Youtube, as we know exactly when the video was recorded. Youtube will only know when the video was uploaded. Although, Glide is limited to the phone and only between friends. They sound very similar to Snapchat. I’m not sure what exactly they are doing different. Glide mentioned that they are the only software service that records real time when the recording occurred. Is Snapchat not doing this too?

If Snapchat cared a lot about privacy, they probably wouldn’t want to record the time of the recording. This privacy concern allows other similar video chat services to squeeze into the market. Also, Snapchat limits you to 6 seconds and Glide does not.

It’s unfortunate that the shooting give Glide some free advertising. That is probably why the story also seemed to have fallen through the cracks -because they didn’t want to to capitalize on the news media circus surrounding the events. In fact, during the protests, I believe that Snapchat and Vine were probably getting a lot more coverage than Glide.

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