The Relax-A Cizor was shut down by the FDA to pave the way for Drug Companies

This product sold over 400,000 units and there were only 40 complaints; no deaths.

People were buying this device in droves, yet the FDA had to shut down the business. It was about this time that the drug companies were trying to get a foothold in the market. People just weren’t practicing drug therapies like Americans do today. The claims that electrical therapy was going on for years. I first read about the use of electrical therapy in Cornelius Vanderbilts biography where he requested the electrical doctors in the 1870s to ease his old age.

But, then the drag makers declared war on the electrical therapies and successfully got them shut down. In turn, this created a monopolistic environment for drug extracts to start in on the market. Selling drugs was proven to be much more profitable as people have to keep buying more drugs to consume. Whereas, with the electrical therapy, you buy the unit and that’s it.

I have said before and will say again, that the drug extracts are no good. Herbal therapy is strong enough, plus you also recieve the nutritional value from the herbs as well. The human race has not recieved any kind of benefit from an extract.

Also, I think that magnet therapy is better for the youthful people or with overheating. in turn, if the body is old or there is major stagnation, then electrical therapy may be better to use.

The FDA is called the Food & Drug Administration for a reason. They had more money and more power in government to quash the electrical therapies. Drugs were the future not because it was better, but because it was more profitable for those who invested in it.

The FDA didn’t even accuse the electrical therapy device makers of making false claims. The FDA said that it was causing medical conditions. To me, that sounds like it was working. Drugs cause other medical conditions. We are all aware of the terrible side effects that occur from each one.

The device caused varicose veins? Unlikely.

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