Grocery Stores Feed Food and Drug Addictions thanks to the FDA

Our ancestors could never eat “fresh tomatoes” year round. But, with modern day grocery stores, a person could continually eat one fresh tomato every day of the year. This is a problem because that means to consumer is less likely to choose a wider variety of food like our ancestors did.

Many people don’t even know how the seasonal food system works. They don’t even know how the food is grown or should be grown. They simply rely on the grocery store to supply all their food. The grocery managers have capitalized on our dependence upon their food and drugs too. They make sure that we continually see the same kinds of foods every time we visit. The play the same bland music over and over again and the environment has to remain neutral.

The majority of foods are pumped full of sugar extracts to make them more addicting. Look at the podcast from Planet Money recently. They talked about Wonder Bread and how it got so popular. The consistency got worse, but people loved eating it and didn’t know why. The reason was that the sugar content was increased.

Generally, when you increase the sugar extract content in foods, people will find this more irresistable to eat. It’s called sprinkling drugs on our foods and the grocery stores shamelessly practice this business model without regret. People get hungry for particular kinds of foods that are most likely to have sugar added. This causes a problem where people aren’t exactly attracted to the food as much as they are attracted to the drug that is mixed into the food.

The reason that the drug dealing in grocery stores is such a problem is because of rising health care costs. As advanced of a society as we are, our health care costs should be going down. Our dependence on doctors should be going down, because we know so much more stuff about our bodies. But the state of our health seems to be going the other way with our knowledge.

I think that the more knowledge we gain about our health, the more likely a corporate business will take advantage of human vulnerabilities. They are balancing our health on a scale. They want to feed us the sugar extract drugs just enough to keep us addicted and a little sick. but not enough to kill us right away. They don’t care. Money never cares about the victim.

People say that the planet is overpopulated, so why not take advantage of the excess population and get them addicted to your product? So many new companies form based on manufacturing a new kind of sugar product all the time. The formula is always the same, involving the addition of legal drugs into the food mix. But the only reason the sugar extracts are still legal is because fat people have been hilarious to gawk at.

There are many old people on the planet who still remember only seeing skinny people on the planet. Very few fat people would have crossed each others path 100 years ago. Now every other person is fat in America and cross each others path all the time, although many have to squeeze by each other.

Addictions are what got people fat. You could not even consider starting an addiction during our ancestors farming days. They were forced to consume a wider variety of foods due to the seasonal changes that occurred. Food preservation did not involve a fridge or freezer.

It’s too easy to eat bananas year round in an area they cannot naturally be grown in. Humans are overstepping our sustainability on this planet.

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