Night Cops are Vampires that Suck the Life out of Homeless People. Housing Subsidies were created to sell us on vagrancy laws

I feel like I am being conditioned to stay awake at the same hours as the night cops. They constantly harrass and stress me out as I sit in my car. It’s not just only one city that does this either. There are several cities that have strong policies against people sitting in their cars at night. Why can’t the Federal Government step in and regulate these unfair laws?

The reason is because the homeless are not able to vote. They join a large group of undocumented illegals that have no voice in the Nation. They share a lot in common with each other. Why should we attack the undocumented illegals when the homeless citizens are also treated just like the illegals. People have double standards when it comes to policy. They are very selfish about protecting themselves first.

I understand that the cops have a job to do. They are just following what the city ordinances say. But this has to be unconstitutional in some way. Isn’t there a separation of church and state? I was harrassed by a cop in a church parking lot while praying. Is there nothing that is sacred. His reason for approaching me was that the church gets broken into a lot. I guess I am a criminal for being at the church because other people repeatedly break into it. How much do cops really lie about what goes on in the city?

The night cops lie just like any other cop. Just because he carries a deadly gun doesn’t make him a patron of truth and honesty. If nothing, they are more likely to lie about activities going in the city because they know they are more likely to get away with their lies. It makes me sick and stresses me out.

Sickness is exactly what the cops cause with homeless people. Stress is a generally preventable disease. But tell me how you are not going to be stressed out when a cop starts asking questions about what you are doing. I would love to learn how to manage this stress.

I find it interesting how housing subsidies were slashed but laws preventing people from sleeping outside homes are strongly in place. I think the housing subsidies were a way to sell the public on creating more laws to outlaw sleeping outside a home. Then when the cities created park curfews and made sleeping outside illegal, they turned around and pulled the housing subsidies. It’s been a very sneaky process.


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