US Land was Free for Europeans at One Time. The internet is Free Today. What is the Next Frontier?

We absolutely need another new frontier to explore or we will be facing more wars. The land battles were pretty bloody, but everything got settled for a while. The people who controlled the lands were very careful about how they charge people who occupy the space. But the land owners are certainly tightening their vice grips to make living more uncomfortable for everyone.

The internet is very similar too. There are website owners who are also tightening their vice clamps on people who occupy the space. It may appear to be free initially, but there was land in Wisconsin at one time offered tax free for 10 years. Ofcourse, Wisconsin was giving a very sweet deal because the climate there is horrible, but people were enticed nonetheless.

Land ownership is like another addiction. Those people who occupy the land relish in the space. They can spend a lot of their time on the land and will do things to it that satisfies their desires. People will create special building projects, such as a white picket fence, or closely prune their hedges. Either way, they developed some kind of addiction to their property that keeps them coming back to the same spot every day. The City Councils across the Nation have capitalized on this addiction by making money from property tax.

The Internet has been called addicting. People keep coming back to their favorite websites and games. Because of the addiction, the website and app owners have found ways to profit off of the users addictions. There is always a good market when addiction is the main behavior that keeps activity engaging.

How do we keep people addicted to their properties and the internet? You keep inventing new electronics that keep people running back to their properties and onto the internet. The home automation revolution is beginning and that pull factor seems to be pretty strong to keep people in their homes and playing on their computers.


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