Tired of the Technology Developers Riding White Horses and Making Promises

All of this technology change comes with profit in mind. They don’t have small profit models either, all of these tech developers think on a scale that will allow them to rule the world. None of them are looking out for humanity, but instead are feeding on human addiction.

Tech developers are in it for the money and they will drop ideas that take away from the profit model in a heartbeat. They talk about just putting things out there and not knowing if it will make money or not. They make it sound like they are toying with something in their spare time. Like they think they are Pinoccios father or something. They are not harmlessly developing new things.

With every advancement or change in humanity there is a dis advancement. We drop an old method of doing things to take on a new method. It’s like someone dropping a newspaper and grabbing the iPad instead. It’s like dropping your teddy bear and picking up a game controller. We can’t play with everything at once and some things become packed away in the toy box.

Technology needs to continue to change to make money. There may appear to be scientific studies to evaluate the usefulness of a new product, but really, in the end, the use of it is for an artistic purpose. There is only individual interpretation of the product where people can share the same experiences with each other. But, the new tech distractions cause us to forget about products of the past that were very useful at the time.

There are kids who don’t know what a mixtape is. They assume that technology will replace farming. There is a huge disconnect between what is natural and not harmful to the environment, and what is science fiction. All this new garbage we are inventing is just another layer to add to the landfills. But the new products are even more addicting and distracting than the last round of products.

People are living very unhealthy lives in the process of feeding their tech addictions. We are letting laws in government get passed easier because we are living in virtual worlds now. The government stands behind the addictive nature of the new tech and will accept that a large proportion of humans have become very unhealthy trying to continue feeding their addictions.


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