Poets and Philosophers Used to Be Very Popular, Now it Takes Livestreaming to gain an audience

The demand from audiences is growing exponentially. People want to see more of their favorite persons face and hear or read more about what they have to say. Just s simple poetic quote isn’t enough anymore. We can make an artistic pic for it, make a prank out of it, write fanpoetry for it, explain the quote further in a video, or make a song out of it. Either way, the communication is much more fluid these days.

People are so enamored by the new communication tech that many of us don’t even notice what is happening around us in the immediate area. Although, at this time of year in Wisconsin, you probably just want to escape thoughts about your immediate environment in that bitter cold.

So, poets thought up some amazing things and plays and fame followed easily for them. But then, the printing press happened. More people could write more than a poem and they tended to gain more traction among people who could and wanted to read more than poetry.

Fast forward to radio and tv, we find more people turning to the videos as their main source of entertainment and reading less. So, the radio and TV stars begin to enjoy easy fame and popularity. But then the internet happens, and now the books, TV, and radio are in peril. It’s harder to become a big time TV star or movie star. Everybody can easily get on Youtube.

But Youtube still isn’t enough. It may have worked for the older generations, but the kids coming up in social media need to work harder to get their faces out there to become popular. It was so easy for Shirley Temple to gain fame in the early 1900s. But today, she would be just another girl dancing on Younow.

The kids today are really working it hard to gain followers onTwitter, Youtube, Younow, KIK, Snapchat, Voodoo, Instagram, Vine, and so on. Some may mention Facebook, but it seems a lot of them are looking past Facebook. It’s hard to fully understand where the trends will go as the tech companies are changing the internet fast.

Here is just one of many Younow clips I have taken. There are new stars every day. Some broadcasters are more entertaining than others, but no single person can maintain a top spot all the time:



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