Cities will Replace White Homeless Individualists with Large Mexican Clans to Effect Positive Change

The problem with the individualist is that they are stubborn. It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor either. If things are not going their way, they will protest too much. Depending on their power, the level of impact can reach a differing size of audience. Usually money can be a strong determination how loudly they speak though.

White Europeans tend to be individualists. It used to be known as chivalry. But the Mongel invasions taught us that they can easily cut a person down one by one. There was a strong cohesiveness in the training with the Mongels that we still look back on with awe.

We also look back on the Cosa Nostra or Mafia with awe as well. They maintained a strong clan for over a century from the late 1800s to late 1900s. The Mafia kept their families together and other groups of people out. They used their own language and pleasantries to enforce their livelihoods. The U.S. FBI had to put a lot of effort into dismantling this group, and only was effective when Frank Valachi finally feared enough for his own life from the Mafia to come forward with relevant information about his lifestyle.

Now, the government is pleased with having broken up strong clans within the U.S. borders. The Mafias are nonexistent and not a known threat anymore. There are also no known businesses that are running illegal monopolies. There is no known group within the U.S. that can rival the Federal government. We have enforced individualism to a strong letter of the law. But, wait a second, can this perfect government run a perfect game forever? History says no.

With utopia follows dystopia. I believe it all comes in waves. No perfect system lasts forever. The reason I say that is because of the ordinances and laws that are unfairly attacking individualism. We may have disbanded known clans in the Nation, but that doesn’t stop the government from turning their attentions on individuals now.

Actually, I will stop here. It’s raining outside.


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