How do You Negotiate Price for Sleeping Arrangements?

It doesn’t look like we have much room to negotiate sleeping arrangements. If we don’t like the price for camp sites or hotels, they are not obligated to lower the price for you. If you choose to sleep outside of their packaged deals, they can send the cops after you for illegally sleeping in your car. Where is the justice in that?

There is no spirit of trade when the laws bind us to pay a minimum fee set forth by the city officials. You know many of the city councils throughout the nation have been landlords and structured their ordinance writing to punish people who don’t agree to their prices.

I would be more than happy to pay a rental fee if the price was reasonable for the amount I’m making. However, I can only make $30 per month right now and that will only cover one night. Because I am running around, getting harrassed by cops, I can’t properly establish myself. Also, I can’t vote to get laws changed to ease theregulations against me because I can’t establish an address for the voter registration.

When you go homeless, you become an outlaw and it’s pretty much a one way trip to jail.


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