Magnet Shield Can Protect DNA of Astronauts in Space; Magnet Therapy Can Further Protect Us on Earth

There is a magnetic shield that covers the earth and protects our DNA from the most damaging of the solar flares. But, can the magnetic shield be perfect? Is it really enough to always protect our DNA from the sun? I wonder about that. I think there are probably times and areas where the magnetic shield can become weak or ineffective. We have all heard about the changing of the poles every few hundred years. That occurrance supposedly recently happened. So, the earths magnetic shield is in constant movement and may not always be there for us.

That’s partly why I practice Magnet Therapy. I find the instability of the magnetic shield to not be enough protection for me. I will actively wear magnets for further protection as well. It’s nice to keep magnets on me for when a pain or swelling occurs. The magnets will soothe the nerves, reduce the pain and work on reducing the swelling.

You can’t just expect to wear a necklace and hope everything will turn out alright. The magnets only target the immediate areas around the body. So, having the magnet helps, plus you can take it off and put it around your knee if your knee starts to hurt. You will then protect your DNA from further damaging and start the healing process sooner.

I have been practicing Magnet Therapy for the past 9 years. I have been panic attack free for those 9 years too. Even though I use Magnet Therapy, I am not perfect. The application of its use is an art form just like modern medicine or Acupuncture. But I will say I have had many successes with Magnet Therapy for aches, pains, nerves, and general sleeping in peace while living in my car.

I recommend the practice highly:


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