Is Nutritional Yeast Safe to Eat in Large Quantities?

I can buy it in the bulk foods section of Fred Meyers. It is right next to the bulk bin for oats. But is nutritional yeast something that can be freely eaten like oats? I am starting to question that matter. I have noticed certain changes in my body that I never noticed before eating large amounts of yeast.

The first obvious change that yeast causes is an extremely yellow pee. There is something in the yeast that causes a very yellow pee. It happens every time I eat the yeast. Should I be alarmed at how yellow my turns? I think so. Because it there is a yellow dye added to the yeast, that dye is potentially toxic. Many dyes are toxic and very unecessary. It is amazing how the nutritional yeast maintains such a consistent yellow color with every batch I have seen over the years. I don’t believe that is the color the dead yeast normally look like. I think it is probably a grayish color instead.

Also, with nutritional yeast, I find that I can eat more types of foods in larger quantities that I don’t normally eat. In fact, the nutritional yeast is very tasty in itself, which is a strong warning sign right there. No food should be consistently tasty every time you eat it. It should be bland or very close to bland. The nutritional yeast is far from bland and sort of addictive, but it’s not quite like sugar. Nor is it like salt either.

My body feels slightly different after a couple months of eating a lot of nutritional yeast. It feels oddly gunky. I think I could be risking some kind of cancer with this yeast. My liver hurts or tickles more often, my mouths feels gunky and more body feels like there is some kind of gunk build up. I probably have been eating too much nutritional yeast.

When I first tried nutritional yeast, it was almost 15 years ago. I bought them in tablets and you consumed 6 per day. They made it sound like you could eat a lot and not have a problem. I have recently been eating more than I ever have, largely because of the easy availability at Fred Meyers. As much as nutritional makes other bland foods, like radishes, taste good, I have to wonder damage I am doing to myself in the process of this enjoyment. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Is Nutritional Yeast Safe to Eat in Large Quantities?

  1. possibly one of the strangest posts I’ve ever read.
    You are not supposed to consuming this stuff like breakfast cereal.
    More like a condiment.

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