How Much Money Did Edward Snowden Make from the Soviets? Look at Aldrich Ames.

I just read, “Killer Spy” by Peter Maas. He said that Ames made over $2 million over 9 years from late 1980s to mid 1990s. Ames took a different approach to selling secret FBI and CIA information. This was all before the internet. He would arrange drops around Washington DC parks and mark signals for the drops with the Soviet spies. He would get paid $100,000 each drop, sometimes more than that. He had to create Swiss Bank accounts and hide money in his million dollar home.

Ames was a very different guy who was effective during the time. He harbored this animosity about the FBI that is was some big joke and very unneceassy. He felt like he was leveling the playing field by selling secrets directly to the Russians.He also enjoyed the excitement of going through the process of being a counterspy and this was why he couldn’t stop himself.

Snowden took a different approach. With internet technology as advanced as it was, he could effectively sell his information, but also make it public for all the world to see. He didn’t just limit his information to only Soviet eyes. When more people have a chance to read this information, it becomes even more valuable. It becomes a very good advertisement blog. It can make more money money than just one Nation buying the information.

Nobody can really talk about the Ames information as much since the information was very secret. But the Snowden information is almost common knowledge throughout the world. Now, Snowden has to protect himself even in a country that has granted him immunity. But that may not fair very well for because other American traitors have died in mysterious ways in the Soviet, such as Edward Lee Howard, who died of a broken neck from falling in his Russian home.


Also, I see there is a huge push to change the views of history about who really caught Aldrich Ames. Women caught Ames? It sounds more to me like Ames fooled them for a number of years.


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