Going on a Diet Means Getting Sober -Just like alcoholics need to do

The sugar that are addictive for the obese and unhealthy groups (which are over 50% of the population) are also used in fermentation. With the fiber removed, you can achieve a very strong distilled spirit. This attacks the body and causes it to swell as an allergic response until it can bring in more nutrients to help remove the toxic drugs from the system. It’s never been very easy to remove extracts from the body. They get caked into our tissues all throughout the body.

To go sober means to stop consuming the sugar extracts, sugar alcohols, distilled spirits, sugar concentrates and so on. But this is not easy to stop because sugar is very addictive. I just listened to a Planet Money podcast where they talked about the beginnings of Wonder Bread. The prepackaged became very popular when sugar extracts were added to the bread. People complained that the texture of the bread was not very good, but they kept buying it regardless.

The reason that sales went up for Wonder Bread was because of the added extra sweetness extract. The very sugars that hurt a consumers teeth are very tempting to eat regardless of the texture. Manufuctures quickly learned that textures could easily be compensated for by adding extra sweetness to the product. Sugar has been an unregulated gold mine for the manufacturers.

Think of this: When the food can maintain its uniformity in every package. When one processed kind of food looks the same in every package, the manufacturers are winning. They have the upper hand and are showing their effectiveness at appealing to the sugar addicts by being able to maintain the consistent appearance of processed food in every package.

How do they maintain the consistency so regularly? They remove that dastardly fiber which tends to cause food to crumble too easily. It’s very hard to keep fiber glued together, so the next best thing is to remove it and let the customer suffer. The sugar ratio is higher in these foods, and the consumer suffers as a result. It’s a shame the process has to operate like this.


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