Top 3 Forms of Entertainment: Pranks, Hacks and Games Get the Most Views on Youtube

I might be able to give music an honorary mention, but it really seems that music is more of a supportive sound for the pranks, hacks and games when it comes to video. I don’t know why the copyrighters make such a big deal out of their music. Either way, I avoid their legal troubles by making my own music. It’s nice to hear a little flaw in music from time to time, right?

If you want porn, don’t look at Youtube. They use advertisers who don’t monetize nudity. You are better off making a channel on a porn website. I’m sure they exist. If you know any good channels, I would like to know, hit me up.

1. Pranks

There is something very unpredictable about pranks. Once we learn what the prank is, then we know what is going to happen. The next step is enjoying the entertainment of watching how different people react to the same prank. It’s like they are on a factory line, and the pranksters just shuffle them through like cows, one by one. It’s too bad that people don’t warn each other about the prankster. Instead, the people who do know about the prank, may keep even more quiet about it. Humans are inherently cruel to each other.


Hacks are amazing sometimes. I was just watching this crazy Russian and he was showing me things I never seen before or thought about, but seem so commonly easy to do when you learn them:

Sometimes the hacks are discovered by accident and other times it takes several different kinds of experiments to get it right. But when something amazing is discovered, there is certainly an audience standing by and very willing to learn what it is. You can tell by the large number of views for the hack channels.

3. Games

These are always evolving. I find myself watching content for the new games with a lot of enthusiasm. I am so so curious about new games and get satisfied watching others play them. For example, I know all about GTA 5 and Southpark, with even playing the games. i spent hours watching other people play them. It can be nice to hear the reactions from the players. But games take entertainment to a new level. I think a lot of people love watching the games being played by others. Many times, the observers can’t afford the game, so have to satisfied with watching others play.

The action, violence and storyline can be quite engaging with games. That is what keeps them interesting.

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