The Leg Extension Exercise is My Favorite for Leg Workouts. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the gym

So I have to improvise by using this picnic table and my gravity training straps:

People want to compare this to sissy squats:

But the feel is very different. You don’t work the muscles in the same way. With the sissy squat, you put all of the pressure on your heels. But with my leg extension squat, I put a lot of pressure on the back of my calves. That is why I need to use a lot of cushion for my calves. Because of the different focal point for weight bearing, different muscles get activated. I don’t think enough people realize how much that slight differences in exercise can make for the workout.

I personally don’t like the sissy squat, especially in the way that this guy is doing. He could, at least, make it comfortable by standing on an incline instead. Those weights dig into the back of the heel quickly and make the exercise more uncomfortable than it already is.

I strongly recommend feeling for yourself what the difference is like.


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