2 Types of Nixie Wrist Devices Can Be a Little Confusing

If you read and learn what “nixie” means, you see that it is a certain kind of technology. It was named after the abbreviation of “Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1”. It was an early technology developed in the 1950s before digital displays were created. A lot of people still like the look of the old technology and refer to it as Steampunk. But it is not cheap technology now because it is handmade:

Now there is a prototype of a drone copter that can fit on your wrist. You release it and it can fly above you to take photos of you from a distance. It is in the running to wins an award for wearable devices that are cool, but I don’t see how it is associated with the nixie technology:

Either way, the word “nixie” is not a trademark name, so anyone can use it. So, the person who created the flying nixie copter will not be able to trademark the word as it is a certain kind of technology that he is not even implementing into his product design. There will be some confusion between the two types of wrist technologies when people type “nixie” into search engine. It will be interesting to see how they sort it all out, if either one becomes very popular.

Watching Steve Wozniak talking about his Nixie watch was fun:

Here is a vid I made about the confusion between the 2 wrist devices:


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