What is the Cultural Difference Between Glasgow and Scotland?

Here is a redheaded teen girl from Glasgow:

And here is a redheaded teen girl from Scotland:

I recorded them publicly off the Younow website. They talk enough to give you an idea of what their personalities are like. I feel the Glasgow girl is a little more edgy. I think it’s possible that she is influenced by the culture of her city. They are almost 70 miles apart from each other in distance, which can be significant in how each cities culture is.

Without knowing the economies of either city, I would guess that Glasgow is middle class, but still a productive economy. In turn, I think that Scotland is a little more upper class and possibly more relaxed than Glasgow. But this is judging the demeanor of two teenage redheaded girls from the area.

How do I even know they are from those cities that they mention? They could be lying. But, knowing redheads, they tend to be cavalier about themselves anyway. You can ask most of them about anything and they will give you an honest answer that may not always be politically correct.

Either way, after having watched these 2 teenage girls, I somehow would love to learn more about Scotland now. They took the time and were brave enough to publicly talk about themselves in front of strangers who came and went in the chat. Yes, it’s getting easier to contact strangers these days and it may not always be wanted contact with many, but luckily, the website uses some good Moderators to kick people who bring up inappropriate topics, such as twerking.


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