Ask.FM is a Tool for Parents to Check on Their Kids Internet Activity

There are a lot of good ideas here. The PAPs are especially revealing. What a PAP means is to Post a Picture. The kids willingly answer the question and then post publicly for everyone to see. It would be hard to lie about your activity if you were demanded to post the pic right away.

If the kid was out too late at night, the parent could ask them to PAP where they are. They could even take a short 8 second video, like you find on Vine to help the parent understand the kids current location.The parent could then request to know who they recently were talking to on Snapchat or KIK and ask for a PAP immediately. The whole process looks to be easy to process now.

Here are some old Ask.FM videos where I recorded random activity:

The website is constantly updating like its a Twitter website. The questions are short and the answers are short. There are many funny images sent through this medium. There are also revealing videos submitted as well. You get a sense of what is happening in youths lives in general through this. Ofcourse, it has its limits.


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