Kids Learn How the World Works Through Prank Youtube Videos

After watching a ton videos about kids pranking adults and scrolling through thousands of titles that I can still watch about pranking. I see that there is a lot to learn about people. The learning process is constantly in motion as many people will react slightly different with a small twist in the prank.

Most of the pranks seem terrible and should never have, but since they did happen and were recorded, it probably seems more ok that it was conducted in the turns into a psychological lesson after it is done. Even if the prank involved you as the victim, you can later laugh about it. But while the prank is happening, it can be difficult.

What exactly are kids taking away from these pranks? Maybe they are learning to become more sophisticated with how to conduct the pranks. Maybe they learn what works and what doesn’t. Some kids may be satisfied with watching others perform pranks. But it seems we are finding that people will watch multiple videos of the same theme. It’s kind of like binge watching. Some kids may feel like it’s ok to add another of the same kind of prank video to YouTube, because it will be their own original content that could get watches too.

I feel that many pranks may be a little too heavily edited to portray some false impressions. That is why it’s helpful to see multiple videos of the same kind of prank from different people.


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