Hiding Money is Easier for Rich People To Do than Give it Directly to Poor People

We’ve all heard stories of how John D Rockeller used to throw pennies out into the street for the kids to risk their lives getting. Why couldn’t he just hand the money out directly to the kids? Because it wasn’t in his human nature to do so. When people give money away, they have a tendency to make a sport of it. The rich may not like to take a direct approach in giving away their money. Why do you think gambling is so popular? The rich like to make a game of their money, and whoever wins it, deserves it, in the rich persons eyes.

Why is geocacheing so popular? The people with money have a little fun with the treasurehunting. The human trait of looking for things is a big deal. We are constantly searching for things, truth, opportunity. It goes on during the waking hours of our existense every day for all our lives. It is a natural tendency. It’s why eyes are focused in the front of our heads and not the sides. It’s why we have legs instead of roots. We can’t help our human nature.

Here is another example of a rich man who couldn’t just give his money awy directly. What seemed natural to him was to find it and announce for people to come look for his money The discussion starts at 1:18:22 :

It’s so much easier to give away money indirectly and make someones day with finding the money spontaneously. I personally cringe at seeing someone stand on a street corner begging for money. I couldn’t see myself giving that person any money. I can’t see myself standing on that street corner to beg for money. I think at that point, I would rather just lay down and die.


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