Living Amongst all The Obese People has given me Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

They are very disgusting to look at. They know they suffer an addiction to sugar extracts. Many of them go on Whisper and complain about being fat and not being able to pick up a man. They are the kiss less virgins who are frustrated with their bad health conditions.

Like any drug, alcohol, gambling and whatever addiction…. Obesity also affects other people around them. The health condition is such that everybody suffers at different levels. The person carrying the extra weight suffers, and then those who interact with them will also suffer adversely by having to deal with the psychological traumas that play out with the disease.

My overweight grandma of 88 years insists that I shouldn’t even look at the fat people if I don’t like what I see. I certainly follow her advice as best I can, but the amount of fat people is just so overwhelming. In fact, when I make a YouTube video, I definitely don’t want any fat people in the video. I think a lot of other people may feel this way as well. It is a burden to record fat people because they are unsightly.

It pains me to look at them. They don’t have to do much to lose the weight either. All they have to do is cut out sugar extracts. Unfortunately, the manufacturers are to blame in large part for all the processed foods that contain sugar extracts. Even when I try to bulk food sections, they add sugar extracts.

Fat people are not entirely to blame for their health problems. They are the end result of a health system that has failed. We all are suffering to some degree. When I see a fit person in America, I see a person who has to be a little bit stronger than everybody else to resist the addictive sugar extracts. They develop attitudes like they are superior to everybody else and that can be tough to deal with. I have developed one of those superior attitudes to overcome my sugar addictions as well.

It never used to be this way. The corn subsidies of the 1950s led to the HFCS bombing all the food of today, which created metabolic syndrome. It feels very futile to resist the urges to eat these sugar extract bombs. There are many foods in which people say they hardly taste the sugar. Regardless of their taste buds, if it has any sugar extract it is bad. People overdose on other drug extract as well -like cocaine, nicotene, heroin….

I can’t trust slender people in America just as much as I can’t trust the fat people to be level headed about the sugar extracts consumed in this country. People still talk about how their problem is mostly a metabolism problem and how Aderral or ephedrine is their only hope to lose weight. Many slender people rely on stimulants to lose weight. I don’t rely on the stimulants. I don’t touch them and I don’t touch sugar extracts either.

It takes a lot of will power to deal with the health problems in this country. Many candy stores profit from it. I don’t think they have a conscious. People need to realize what they are doing to themselves is hurting others. The diet craze is the single biggest threat to the strength of this country that no one seems to put enough focus on. For that I am stressed out and have suffered psychologically as a result.


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