US Post Office Monetizes their General Delivery System Now. Extra Bogus Fees from USPS

This comes as a surprise to me. After a year of using the General Delivery for packages, I finally got charged money for the Post Office to hand me the package. In the past, I had 3 pairs of shoes sent to Rice Lake, WI Post Office with no charge. I had a couple packages sent to South Bend, WA with no charge either. I had a package sent to Raymond, WA, but they refused it because I put their address with the General Delivery. All of those packages were from UPS or FedEx.

When I get to Seaside, Oregon, they finally charge me over $6 to hand me the package. That cost me more than the FedEx delivery charge of $4. Their reason for charging on General Delivery packages? It’s package had a FedEx postage charge on it and not a USPS charge. So, the clerk decided to charge me the price it would cost to send the package from one end of the town to the next. He said that I should be thankful that he didn’t charge me for the distance from Iowa that the package was originally sent.

He made it sound like that postage that I paid for really didn’t happen. He acted like he was just holding a mysterious box that needed to have some kind of Post Office label to sit behind the counter. He actually said that he could have charged me from the ship out point in Iowa, but didn’t because he was being nice about it. This guy is a real jerk and I wouldn’t doubt that he is probably pocketing the money.

If he wanted to charge me from the distance in Iowa, then he is recognizing some elements of the delivery that occurred. He talked like the label from FedEx was untrustworthy. But, he certainly recognized that the box did come from Iowa and said he would charge me for that distance. want to pay my rightly fees, but this sounds like a hidden fee that he made up to surprise and then further state that he could charge me more to be thankful for the smaller fee to cover from one end of the town to the next.

If this General Delivery fee has been in place, this is the first time I have heard about it. I remember asking in Rice Lake Post Office about their rules. They said that they can carry any sized package for free for up to 30 days. They didn’t mention any issues with extra fees or anything. If they could have told that fees would be applied, then I would not have used the General Delivery system.

Is USPS not standardized? How can one Federal Government Office charge me a fee while another does not? The Post Offices seem to be acting more like their own businesses instead. I need to know if this General Delivery fee is standardized, but most ignore charging the customer. Or is it not standardized and the employees will charge at will? There is a major inconsistency going on here with a Federal mail delivery system.

Here is my story in further detail:


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