Cops Claim that they both Help People and Hurt People Equally

But they also carry a firearm. I don’t believe that they equally help good people and hurt bad people. I think you will find a striking imbalance between the kinds of services that a cop provides.

Just look at a cops Tool Belt closely. None of those tools look like they are designed to help anyone. Every single tool they carry is designed for an altercation. They carry a beating sticking, a deadly gun, a blinding pepper spray (optional) and immobile devices (handcuffs). All of these communicate to the person in question that a lot of pain can come to them. Who really can find much help among the disabling tools that a cop carries?

The cop doesn’t carry a construction workers tool belt. If I saw that kind of tool belt, with hammer, plyers, screw drivers, I would be thinking more about how the person could help me build a structure. That would be a person I consider helpful. Or even imagine they carry a stethoscope or bandaids. This would cause me to believe they can save a life.

The appearance of a person quickly tells us if they are there to help or hurt us. Whether they are cleanly dressed or dirty, we make our assumptions. I’m sure many of you have seen or heard about the nicely dressed homeless guy who begs for money. His appearance made a huge difference.

By how do cops hurt people more than they help? Some people might want to say it’s equally. Because if you factor in that by having a cop hurt someone, they are actually helping the complainant in turn. The complainant is the person who they are helping, by hurting the person being complained about. But let’s take out the indirect help factor, because it is what the cops respond to as a beginning for the interaction.

The cops will either take a call, or read the Ordinance to determine when they should start issuing pain to the subject in question. They protect and serve the ordinances and people who complain with the most power. Whether something is legal or not can always be up for debate, but ultimately, the cops serve those who are in the most power and bring pain to those who are not in power.

If you want to question why I think legality is up for debate, just look at the military. I was paid and trained to kill people. It was legal. Now, in society, killing people is not legal. You see that the law works in peculiar ways depending upon the situation.

It’s illegal to camp in your car in the city. But what if a natural disaster strikes? The people who lose their homes will suddenly become illegal campers too. The law works in peculiar ways.


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