Who Needs Meals on Wheels when You Have Instacart?

Actually, I don’t know how this works specifically, but if it’s like other similar software programs I have read about in the past, it sounds like a grocery delivery system. Taskrabbit might also support a grocery delivery job, but I wouldn’t know since I got shut out of their loop when they made their app changes in July 2014.

This app has sort of been compared to Uber. So, I think regular people will use their own cars and deliver food that people want to their homes. After peeking at the app, you can also deliver beer. So, there are people who can do beer runs for you through this app. I’m sure this app is not limited to food or consumables either. Maybe someone can deliver furniture too. This could be a way to save money on corporate delivery fees.

I am impressed that Instacart has an app already. I just heard about them today. Although, I have known about these kind of companies for a couple years. I believe it came to my attention because of the Amazon delivery services.

If you know about Schwans, they have been spending years on delivering food to the home. But everything had to go through their trucks and corporation. Now with Instacart, an individual can shop for ice cream at any grocery store. They may even go to an ice cream shop and deliver it all to your home. It’s like pizza delivery, but you aren’t limited to ordering from only the restaurants menu. How nice is it to have that kind of choice? The companies that never had a delivery service before, will now have a 3rd party delivery system through this app.


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