Patreon Takes a Different Direction from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme….

There are a growing number of these donation websites that are trying to develop their own niche. Patreon is just another one that seems to be focusing on YouTube video creators. They recognize that the Adshare is not enough money and that creators need to find other ways to make the money.

I think the donation websites are silly and I don’t take them seriously myself. That is probably why I still live in my car. I just don’t understand who really is worthy of this free money. As we all have learned from Kickstarter that many of the beggars will squander your donations with nothing to show for it. I believe I made a video about one example a while back. I have to take another look. It really enraged me to see all the excuses the reps made up for having nothing to show for their donations.

People can promise you the moon. There is no end to promises. What speaks volumes are results. I think Patreon may focus a little bit more on results of what they creators have done in the past and not so much what can promise to do in the future, like you see on P2P lending. It’s hard to say.

If I had money, I would not be so charitable. That is probably why I am penniless today. I would not help anyone whom I don’t feel is worthy. This is probably why I’m currently jobless. You really need to establish a good connection with people you like to benefit from the charity. Both parties involved need to feel good about the results.


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