What Inspires FunForLouis creator to keep travelling all around the world?

Have we not seen enough of the world from other shows to be satisfied with traveling? Do we not feel comfortable having learned so much about other cultures through other peoples interactions with them? Many shows have paved the way for Youtube Stars like FunForLouis. But, what can FunForLouis truly add to the travel experience to keep it fresh and entertaining.

Some of my most favorite shows like The Amazing Race, Survivor, National Geographic, Survivorman and a whole huge list of productions have taught me about other cultures without leaving the TV.They really edit the footage well to keep everything coming at us in an educational way that was still interesting. But, they also had their shortcomings as well. Many of the shows lost their humanistic appeal and they also seemed to stage much of their travel specifically for TV.

Since technology has changed, the cameras and computers have gotten smaller and easier to carry. The need for a large camera and production crew and shrunken down to the individual. No longer does the star of the show only talk for the camera. They are also the camera operator, writer, production manager and everything else.

There is no longer a need to seek out a TV channel to buy your content. You can simply upload what you made and quickly get it up on Youtube. It’s completely up to you how professional you want your work to look. You are no longer at the mercy of the corporate executives. Although, Youtube still has some standards for allowable content.

People are making a lot less money conducting a travel channel compared to 10 years ago. They have to compete with so many other people now. The technology has made the ability to make recordings even easier to do. The iPhone 6 is so powerful a camera that it can rival the professional cameras.

FunForLouis has become the epitome of an effective travel channel. He is showing us that it is very possible to use TV quality video and submit new incredible content for 12 minutes each episode every day. There is no longer waiting for a week to see the next episode. The episodes are daily. Does this man even sleep? He is doing amazing stuff that I didn’t even was possible for travel and he is also entertaining over 1 million other subscribers on his channel. I just wonder how long he can keep doing this amazing stuff:

bandicam 2014-10-08 12-49-20-176

Here is his current introduction video. I strongly recommend subscribing to him if you like daily updates:


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