Bitter Herbs can Scratch the Tickle in my Liver. I just know it

I have been doing a lot of peculiar suffering in my liver area. When it gets really ticklish and tight, I feel paralyzed like I can’t move very well. My body just wants to quit and focus on this weird tickle in my liver. I’m at a loss for curing it at this time.

It is frustrating to deal with and has been going on for a few weeks. It has been going on for far too long. Normally, I would rely on the local herbal stores to have some bitters to purchase. But there are none in northern Oregon to speak of. They look at me funny when I ask for bitters. It’s like nobody has heard of this kind of herb before.

I think I will need to order from again. I don’t like ordering from them, because I have to buy at least 1 pound of herbs. My money is very tight, but so is my liver. I need to gamble my future for relief now. I think I will order the 1 pound of blessed thistle for almost $30. It will most likely go stale before I can finish it -it’s very bitter.

I believe this awful tickle can be cured with bitters. I ran out about 2 months ago. I remember thinking how sad it was to run out and not have anymore to replace it. The grocery stores don’t bother selling bitters. Or at least, the grocery stores prefer to keep their bitter tastes preserved in the alcohols. I can’t drink beer to relieve my liver problems. That just works against logic for me to rationalize.

Another reason I don’t like to order on the Internet is that I have no exact address to have the product sent to. What if the cops decide to kick me out of this city? Rice Lake, WI can happen all over again in another city very easily. I need the order to be shipped very fast in case something should between the time I order and the time it’s delivered.

One time when I ordered something in Raymond, WA they sent the product back to the shipper. The address clearly stated General Delivery, but the post office didn’t care.


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