Sign up for the Younow Babysitting Service. How Many Fans does it Take to Babysit Your Kid?

All ages, income level, sex, race, creed, geographical regions are encouraged to apply. All you have to do is sign on and start watching the kids who want the attention. It’s not hard to find them, as they all pretty much want attention. If anything questionable happens, then you can flag them and maybe their parents get notified.

This really could be the future of babysitting. Isn’t it how security is already set up for a lot of buildings? You pay someone to sit behind cameras all day. Well, now we can have people watching the cameras for free who really like watching kids. Certain behaviors can be encouraged from a distance. The kid can just communicate without being interrupted. They only way to interact with them is through chat.

I guess you could literally have a whole village watching your kid all at once, especially if the kid is well-liked. The most people I seen watching one person at the same time was Matthew Espinosa with 9.1k watchers:

Everyone else usually don’t break 1,000. But still, you don’t need a lot of fan babysitters anyway. Even the single digits can be fine.

To go further with this, you could have a real babysitter over at the house, but Younow watching both the kid and the babysitter at the same time. Some people will tend to get more attention than others ofcourse. People may not want to think that it is any kind of competition, but your decision has been made when you choose to watch a particular person. When you choose to watch one person, you are choosing not to watch another one. So, therein lies the result of your vote. Some people are just more popular than others.

I am recording at various times for fun. There are always new people on. It is quite entertaining for me to see what people do and present on this platform. This is my channel for screencaptures.


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