Top 50 Food Banks in Running for Walmart Grant Money; Current Standing

  1. This is a snapshot of Sept 30, afternoon for Walmart grant money. I choose the Oregon Food Bank because that is my location. I am surprised at some of the top Food Banks. Many of them seem like low populated areas that somehow brought people together with technology to get their names out there.

The grant is for $60k, which is significant for a Food Bank. I think Oregon has one of the best systems for Food Banks, but I could be wrong. I don’t know how people rate their Food Banks.

  1. 1. Feeding South Dakota8195 votes
  2. 2. Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley7934 votes
  3. 3. Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma5037 votes
  4. 4. Freestore Foodbank4894 votes
  5. 5. Rhode Island Community Food Bank4808 votes
  6. 6. River Valley Regional Food Bank4387 votes
  7. 7. Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC4225 votes
  8. 8. Northern Illinois Food Bank4024 votes
  9. 9. Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee3826 votes
  10. 10. Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma3814 votes
  11. 11. Food Bank of Lincoln3674 votes
  12. 12. Central Illinois Foodbank, Inc.3588 votes
  13. 13. Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida3581 votes
  14. 14. Weld Food Bank3488 votes
  15. 15. Mid-Ohio Foodbank3365 votes
  16. 16. CEO’s Weinberg Regional Food Bank3364 votes
  17. 17. Community Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Indiana, Inc.3362 votes
  18. 18. The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri3289 votes
  19. 19. Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee3185 votes
  20. 20. Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida3173 votes
  21. 21. Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland3155 votes
  22. 22. Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County3129 votes
  23. 23. Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank2979 votes
  24. 24. Kansas Food Bank2979 votes
  25. 25. Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin2945 votes
  26. 26. Good Shepherd Food Bank2863 votes
  27. 27. Northeast Iowa Food Bank2832 votes
  28. 28. East Texas Food Bank2813 votes
  29. 29. St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance2812 votes
  30. 30. Chattanooga Area Food Bank2767 votes
  31. 31. Hoosier Hills Food Bank2721 votes
  32. 32. Bay Area Food Bank2707 votes
  33. 33. New Hampshire Food Bank2677 votes
  34. 34. Central Pennsylvania Food Bank2656 votes
  35. 35. Food Bank of Northwest Indiana2611 votes
  36. 36. Connecticut Food Bank2592 votes
  37. 37. Wichita Falls Area Food Bank2592 votes
  38. 38. Food Bank of the Albemarle2591 votes
  39. 39. Oregon Food Bank2579 votes
  40. 40. God’s Pantry Food Bank2576 votes
  41. 41. Blue Ridge Area Food Bank2558 votes
  42. 42. Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico2556 votes
  43. 43. St. Louis Area Foodbank2555 votes
  44. 44. Lowcountry Food Bank2548 votes
  45. 45. Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties2538 votes
  46. 46. Food Bank of Northern Nevada2534 votes
  47. 47. Dare to Care Food Bank2529 votes
  48. 48. Greater Berks Food Bank2504 votes
  49. 49. Harvest Texarkana Regional Food Bank2488 votes
  50. 50. Greater Cleveland Food Bank2480 votes

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