Storing Food in My Car Might have been a Big Mistake; Homeless Health Problems

I have developed a lot of liver problems over the past week and was confused as to why that was. Many possibilities popped into my head as the cause, and it took a while to come to the conclusion that all my food is probably bad. I didn’t want to believe that my food is bad. I have to conserve my money and throwing away this food will be a big blow to my finances. But after enough suffering, I have to come to terms with the reality of the situation. The sun and heat made all my food go rancid.

The summer time is pretty much over, but that doesn’t take back the fact that the food I have is not damaged. My suffering with my liver has been too agonizing. I have the question of whether I want to go on suffering and continuing to eat my rancid food to save money, or do I want to feel better. Feeling better is usually the priority.

The sooner I throw away all my food, the sooner I can start grieving over the loss and get over it. I am taking a big hit on my savings with this decision. This is the homeless lifestyle. I am more vulnerable to the changing seasons, particularly the sun and heat. I understand that there are more dark and cloudy days through the winter, which will help with food preservation. Although, I will face more moldy issues as well. But last winter I never had any serious issues with mold.

I suffered with my liver problems for almost a week so far, and may not be completely in the clear. This is more of an update than anything.

Here is the day, Sept 26 when it got really bad:

It wasn’t just an isolated situation that I was hoping for, as I continue to suffer the griping Sept 29:

The next day, after more suffering I decide to toss all my old food out to see if that is the problem:

It’s been an awful experience so far that I want to end as soon as possible. I seemed to have experienced very good relief from wheatgrass. i just chewed on the grass and my blood may be more oxygenated  with chlorophyll now. But I still need to focus on preventing the problem from recurring rather than constantly treating it.


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