Bitter Tastes are Primarily Sold in Alcohol Sections of Grocery Stores

People love the bitter tastes and the grocery stores put a premium on that appetite. You won’t find bitter anywhere else in regular chain grocery stores and this is by intentional design.

There is a lot of benefits to the bitter tastes. They are what you taste in many medicines. It’s not like the doctors wanted to make it taste bitter so more people will consume medicine. The natural bitter tastes will appeal to liver healing. A liver does not do very well without consumption of bitter tastes.

Before grocery stores, people knew what was edible in nature. In fact, the pioneers brought over the dandelion on purpose because it was a very common medicine that grew rapidly and spread with them wherever they set foot. The milky latex is very bitter in the older plants.

You will also find a white milky latex in lettuce. Unfortunately, the grocery stores manage to drain the milk out of lettuce and render it inept. Once again, they do this on purpose. There is much more money to be made selling bitter hops in the beer.

If you can ever figure out how to get your hands on hops (it’s not easy), make a tea out of it. It tastes exactly like beer. You will experience all the effects that hops do as well, without getting drunk. If hops were sold by itself, more people would make a tea out of it than drink beer.


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