Overcast Podcast Player for iPod is nice, but it eats my battery

After installing the new iOS 8, I am able to look at which programs eat up my battery life. Its turns out that Overcast eats up the majority. Overnight, outside of Internet range, I saw that 75% of battery usage went to the Overcast app.

I like Overcast, but I also like to maintain good battery life as well. I use the camera to record video and need that battery life. The best option right now for dealing with Overcast is to delete it. I don’t see any options to stop the background activity in the app.

This makes for a tough choice.



2 thoughts on “Overcast Podcast Player for iPod is nice, but it eats my battery

  1. I’ve noticed this myself. But I think it’s only when I leave Overcast open. Maybe they can get it patched. My iPad mini can last 2 days off a charger. I opened the iPad this afternoon and noticed Overcast is still paused, waiting for my ride home. My battery is down to 64%. So my solution is to remember to close Overcast.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I just got ios8 today and already I’m noticing the exact same thing. Here’s the thing that doesn’t make sense, though. Like your screenshot, mine also shows “background activity” under overcast in the battery usage item. So in theory, just turning off background refresh should fix this issue, right? Thing is: at least on my phone, background app refresh is off for Overcast, and yet it’s still responsible for nearly 40% of my battery usage. How could it even be doing anything in the background with background app refresh off?

    I’m with you. I may need to stop using it if it’s going to behave like this…

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