The Reason Mexicans will be half the Population by 2050

Is that they have not abandoned natural sexual traditional roles between man and woman. There is much less confusion between the genders in the Spanish language. Words are designated as either male or female. There is no ambiguity, like there is in the English language.

Our thoughts are confused by our own English language. How would all of these same-sex efforts have been pulled off it was not for the English language? People are going crazy for the gays. I never seen so much talk about gender confusion before through the 80s and 90s. A lot has changed for the English speaking groups in that time.

Droves of Mexicans have abandoned the English language in America. I run into many young ones who don’t speak the English as their primary language. They are able to exist and thrive only speaking Mexican Spanish. This population is growing too. In fact, more English speakers are reaching out to the Mexicans in the US than the Mexicans need to reach out to the English speakers.

The Mexicans practice a very strong clan behavior that many English speakers have not taken a strong liking to. The last clans that English speakers went after was the Mafia -the Cosa Nostra. We learned a lot about their ways in the 1960s and after learning about them, the US government set about policies to put a stop to this kind of culture for future generations.

We found out that the clan is very male centric. Woman take a much more supportive role. This gave a lot of power to the males so they could form strong brotherhoods and effective criminal organizations.

It seems that English speakers were effective in breaking up the Italian clans, but that came at a cost: the equality in the workforce rules. Women were given a lot of power and preferences over more qualified men for certain positions. This results in a lot of gender confusions. Many men started to feel more comfortable switching sides for the benefits of being a woman. Where do we go from here?

If we maintain the gender equality laws, the Mexicans will have no problems taking over in the place of the lower numbers of English speakers. Then, when the Spanish becomes the primary language to speak, the equality laws will be abandoned in favor of their more effective laws for their clans. What feels normal now, will be very different a generation from now.

I don’t like the equality laws. But, I’m also not too crazy about the Mexican culture either. I’m at a loss for words in this power struggle. I’m homeless, jobless and penniless and all I can do is watch the changes take place. I just hope that the Mexican Zetas don’t establish too strong of a foothold in the US as well. They are much more primal than the terrorist groups of the Arab countries that we watch so closely on the Internet now.


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