Increase Your Sexual Powers Using Magnets to Help Achieve Your Dreams

Too many people talk about how hormone therapy is supposed to stop and reverse aging. Hormones are supposed to make you good in bed again. Hormones will pull you out depression and so on. These claims are all half-truths. The body has hundreds of hormones that try to function in unity with one another. To focus on only one or two hormones may enhance them individually, but the other hormones are still left stagnant.

You really flirt with disaster too much focus on the testosterone and estrogen hormones. Just because scientists have found a way to make extract teas of it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to inject it. We can inject a lot of things into our veins with needles, but that doesn’t mean we should. There are always bad side effects that make results even worse for you in the long term. I’m asking you to think more long term to achieve your short term gains.

Magnets are very effective at powering the functions of all your hormones. The difference between magnet therapy and drugs is the difference betweeh chemical vs electrical. Our bodies are electrical too. When you have sex, there is a lot of electrical stimulation that goes on between the genitalia. All that rubbing is very much an electrical stimulation as well as chemical.

You want to make proper use of magnets to help your body put focus on the sensation for your penis or vagina. There are Acupuncture points throughout the whole body that are used for sexual purposes. Many of the points, of course, are around the genitals. But, do you want to have needles poked around there as you are doing the deed? No, that could result in a fatality. You want to use magnets around the area in proper and safe ways.

There are some dangers with magnets though. The very strong ones can pinch or cause discomfort if used recklessly or improperly. You want to be careful how you handle them. There really aren’t any magnet products for sale to aid sexual therapy that I’m aware of. I personally play with craft magnet; either ferrite or neodymium.

To get the strongest effect from the magnets, you do want very strong gauss and a lot of them. Bigger doses of magnet power yield a stronger response. You won’t feel high from this practice. It is an enhancement that may be best appreciated when your sex drive is low possibly. I think all sex drives can reach a threshhold where too much no longer has any effect. If you already enjoy a good sex life, then maybe magnets won’t have much of an effect. But, if you find yourself a little low, using the electrical therapy can yield some positive benefits. Thank you.

I used this magnet pad for a while and I loved it, but couldn’t keep it:


2 thoughts on “Increase Your Sexual Powers Using Magnets to Help Achieve Your Dreams

    • I can’t make a video for it. Just look up cow magnets and you see what they look like. I think those anal bling jewelry should also have versions that are magnets because magnets can influence the g spot.

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