Heart Disease and Cancer Comes from the Lack of Tangy and Bitter Foods

What we tend to eat in place of tangy and bitter is sugary and salty. People have created a recipe of disaster for themselves based on the standards of our culture. Look around yourself and you will see that half of Americans are obese, and they are not carrying added muscle.

The ones that somehow keep their weight down still look very weak due to their poor diets. With the choices most people choose for foods in the grocery store, the only way to keep your weight within the average range is to starve yourself. However, you will still be eating the bad food, just less of it. You will still be doing damage to yourself.

People seem to think we need a lot of salt and sugar extracts in our diets. But the extracts need to be diluted a lot more than they are to be remotely healthy. However, people then start to believe they are getting ripped off because their salt and sugar comes more diluted. These same people may think a vitamin pill is actually healthy for them to consume to. In my opinion, the vitamin pill is just another dangerous extract to avoid.

It’s not like the manufacturers are trying to force us to buy their crap. But they are trying to make decisions that make the most business sense for themselves. Unfortunately, many people are buying into the cheap extracts because it’s like buying cheap crack. To get the healthy stuff that also comes with proper phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals may cost a little more.

The basic formula for processed food these days tends to be sugar extracts, salt extracts, vitamin extracts, endosperm (wheat) and preservative extracts. The elements of food are broken up in the labs, then put together in odd ways to make food appeal to the addiction part of our brains. It’s not natural to suffer a food addiction.

My grandma used to say, “eat a little bit of everything”. She could say that because she didn’t suffer from a sugar addiction. She consumed more natural pure forms of sugar from the early 1900s. Her kind of sugar relied more on fresh, frozen or dehydrated. There wasn’t quite so much extraction with hexane (gasoline) in her days. She didn’t eat many foods that had much chemical extraction.

Ok, getting back to bitter and tangy. I think the influence of Kosher foods has removed much of the bitter and tangy from our diets. The religious practice of removing foods that stain naturally has been slowly contributing to a bad health epidemic. Instead, meat manufacturers use dyes to make the meat look red. They remove all the life from it by draining the red blood, then dye it red, which has a toxin in it.

The fruits that used to stain everything have been removed in favor of non staining fruits. This saved money for the grocery store cleanup, but it didn’t save the consumers health. Instead, the skin of a grape may look red, because it was bred to look as red as possible with a clear center. A more natural grape will have a grape juice that is very dark and staining to anything it touches.

Why isn’t any clear grape juice sold in stores. They sell clear juice grapes. For some reason, the grocery stores have been able to put up a lot of smoke and mirrors to try and make foods look traditional, like this is how the grocery store has always looked since the early 1900s. But the food has drastically changed.

We have removed bitter and tangy foods from our diets and the hospital visits went up as a result.


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