What is Better? Ereaders or Paperback Books?

There are literally thousands of paperback books available at local libraries to read. You may not always find what you want for cheap, but more people keep donating and maybe something you want to read will come a long.

I have chosen to read older free books from the library simply because they are free. But, the free books that Ereaders tend to offer have to be at least 100 years old. I can find a pretty good book like Serpico or The Valachi Paper for free at the library. But I would have to buy them for the Ereader.

I have used an Ereader, but do not own one. Unfortunately, I need to keep my budget extremely low for books. I take almost what I can find. If I had the luxury to buy books for an Ereader, I would. That is all an Ereader still is, is a luxury.

There is no hand me down system for Ereaders. People can’t just donate their Ereader books to the library. They are forced to keep the books on their account. What they could maybe do is, borrow out their Ereader to someone, but then they might end up having to share their account with someone they might not trust.

With paperback books, it doesn’t matter who you share your book with. You don’t have to give up any account to share it. It’s just a book that you can give away and forget about. There is not much in the digital world where you can share something without anybody accessing your account in some way.

The one thing that comes closest to sharing of or dumping paperback books in the Bitcoin. The coin is all encrypted and not tied to any particular account. When you give it away or trade it for something the history of transaction has ceased for you. It would be nice if more things operated on an encryption system like Bitcoin. People could just trade books back and forth like the Bitcoin. The books could have their own encrypted identity that stands as its own.

Its unfair how Amazon controls the book market so strongly. Something needs to change with that system. That is why I feel that paperback books are slightly more attractive to me right now. I am willing to read the older books that many people have forgotten about. But I don’t want to pay the full Kindle price for the book. I have to eat you know.


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