Nobody is Really Starving in the US

We have a pretty good system for food delivery in this country and there is still a lot of room to grow as a population. We don’t suffer from a food shortage as much as a food availability problem. It’s a problem with territorial law in the country. The government would rather encourage property owners to put up fences to keep other people from passing through their lands. This causes a lot of controversy within the access to food debate.

I ask you, is it right for a person to fence off an apple that they never intend to pick from? What a waste of food. Some people would rather put up barriers to food than allow other people to come by and pick the food for themselves. I have seen many kinds of food go to waste because people are too discouraged from property owners to go and wild harvest what they have growing.

In Sweden they have a law that allows for free range gathering in other peoples yards. It is fair because many property owners will neglect their own produce and let it go to waste as their neighbors go hungry. The gluttony and hoarding has gotten really bad in this country. We don’t really need to rely on the terrible tasting canned foods we get from the Food Banks as much as need law changes.

The animal laws have gotten obscenely bad. The city governments cleared out all the livestock to make way for the factories. But now many of the factories have gone to China so they can realize the American Dream and we are left with toxic waste dump sites, empty parking lots and large shells of buildings. The laws against livestock still remain the same though. What gives?

We need massive change to support the poor people and their access to food. The canned food drives are making our health much worse than it should be. We need the laws to open back up where we are allowed to raise more livestock within the city. Too many dog owners and crazy cat ladies have allowed their animals to shit all over the sidewalks for us to ignore. It was a lifestyle of luxury, which is quickly dwindling from Americans grasp now. If you want to enjoy your dogs so much now, try moving to China as their economy improves. i believes Alibaba going public secures their future very comfortably.

America needs more free range laws to support the poor. Its bad enough enough the cities keep wanting to send people to jail for foolish ordinance violations. The progress of the US is at an end. Canada has more value than the US dollar. We have been medicated and suffered too many corn subsidies for too long. The longer we try to keep the laws and ordinances in place, the bigger the bubble gets and larger the step in reverse we’ll need to take.

It’s better to reverse back the laws little by little starting now as the Baby Boomers enter into retirement. Progress is becoming more tightly squeezed by the day and we need more options than what we currently got. Thank you.


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