Where Can You Find the Largest Volume of Dark Secrets in One Place? Try Whisper App Confessions

I am amazed at the things people want to say on this app. Some people even were very forward and exclaimed that they never told their family what they are telling us in the whisper app. Some critics will say that there are ways to investigate the whisperers, but I am not too familiar with how how effective it can be the actually DOX them.

Here, I did a 10 minute scroll thru of some Whispers. They generally change every day, so many of the past ones get lost. There isn’t any great search software for this app or website:

I love reading the secrets and confessions. You really get a feel for the wide range of personalities out there. I believe all the Whispers that I scrolled through were voted up by other readers. So, there is a little peer review with the confessions that bring the more popular whispers to the casual observers.

Here is a news story where a guy Whispered while being arrested by the cops:

bandicam 2014-09-18 19-34-07-621bandicam 2014-09-18 19-33-36-383

This is the news story:


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